What I’ve Learned: May 2016

These are the four things I learned, or was reminded of, in May:

  1. God’s Word is living & active.
    As I journey through the Old Testament, I’ve become aware that passages in 2 Samuel correspond to similar accounts found in 1 Chronicles. Similar to the Gospels in the New Testament, details might be slightly different, but the stories of King David are reinforced through the inspired writing of God’s Holy Word.
  2. It is good to celebrate others.
    The end of the semester included a campus-wide employee recognition, and although I was not the recipient of a nominated award, it was a wonderful feeling to genuinely be happy for those who were selected and celebrate their well-earned achievements.
  3. It is good to celebrate with others.
    A birthday (divisible by five) seemed like a good excuse to invite a group of our people over for cupcakes (sugar free!) and ice cream. Having lived in our pretty little town for six years now, it was nice to gather some of my favorite individuals from work, knitting, and church under one roof to fellowship with one another. I’ve been reading Cold Tangerines by Shauna Niequist, which inspired me to pursue gathering friends for an opportunity to celebrate. It just so happened my birthday was the catalyst, but the truth is that we all need times to simply celebrate life and God’s goodness.
  4. As I do every year near my birthday, it’s always good to take time and smell the roses.



One thought on “What I’ve Learned: May 2016

  1. Hi, Sarah! I’m your neighbor at Emily P. Freeman’s link up. Looks like you’ve had a fun and eventful May. Amen to #1. It’s amazing how there are always new insights to be gained from scripture no matter how many times you read it.

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