New Favorite Lipstick 

I’m a pretty die hard Mary Kay girl, and have been for as long as I’ve worn makeup, which began during my teenage years. While I love their skin care, makeup, and overall product line, I’m also a sucker for pretty lipglosses and lipsticks when I see something that catches my eye in a drug store or beauty emporium.

For the past decade or so I have indulged in something new and shiny at Sephora every now and then, but recently an Ulta opened in a nearby town. Since I had never shopped there, I wanted to see what the fuss was all about and was interested in trying out a bold red lip. As I looked through their selection during my maiden visit, I discovered NYX Cosmetics. I was impressed with the tremendous selection of colors and the price was very affordable (~$4.00)!

That day I left with NYX Eros (Round Case Lipstick) LSS536


I now enjoy rocking the bold red look every now and then.

Then this summer, I wanted to try a bright, cheerful pink and NYX came to the rescue once more!


NYX Hot Pink (Round Case Lipstick) LSS571A

Both colors are long-lasting, blend well into my lips, don’t give off any funny taste, and give me confidence in sharing a smile with someone! The red is fun for sassy occasions, but I find myself wearing the pink for a more everyday pop of color.

Here’s how they both look side-by-side against my skin.

And who knows? Maybe I’ll even pick up a warm neutral color as the seasons change and fall gets ever closer!


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