What I’ve Learned: Fall 2016

Linking up with Emily P. Freeman & others, sharing the silly and sublime of what I’ve learned throughout the past few months of fall.

  1. A little light makes a big difference!

    I’m a big fan of cozy lighting and The Optometrist has been asking me for a while if I would like a nice piano lamp. I kept hesitating about buying one, but every time I turned on the living room light, I didn’t enjoy the full brightness that surrounded me.

    One recent evening The Optometrist found an unused desk light, which I’ve had since college. He placed it on top of my piano, and voila, cozy light by which to see piano music in the evening! (I’m loving my simple Christmas decorations: stack of favorite Christmas books, Father Christmas, Believe sign, and selection of Christmas sheet music/books.)

    Yes, there are much fancier, more expensive, LED models out there, which I might want to purchase someday, but with just this little helper I find myself sitting down to play a lot more often, and thus, wanting to keep my skills honed.

  2. Progress takes time.

    This semester my load of teaching library research and other classes is significantly lighter than last fall, but I’ve found myself appointed to two library committees, two University-wide committees, plus two more University-wide subcommittees. Several of the committees have been tasked with making new, sweeping, and impactful choices that will directly shape students’ curriculum choices next academic year. The VP who oversees many of these committees wisely selected the members, impressively so. Yet, even with a team of qualified faculty members, I’ve been reminded that big changes with deadlines still need the appropriate amount of time for the right conversations to take place, history to be evaluated, which then leads to the right decision being made with confidence by those invested and involved.

  3. Up front communication is good for the soul.

    I’m convinced that Satan wants nothing more than to plant seeds of doubt and insecurity in the hearts of believers who encounter perceived slights by other believers in the church.

    One such occurrence came my way this fall and my assumptions flew all around my soul. …Have I done something to upset this person?  …Is this because I’ve not been there every time?  …Does this person think I’m not reliable to step up and lead in the future?

    Realizing that a text or phone call wouldn’t come across appropriately, a face-to-face conversation lasting approximately one minute allowed me to ask, “I was wondering, have I done something wrong? Because last time…” quickly assuaged my doubts, soothed my worries, and set me back in place to keep serving with a cheerful spirit. (Take that, Satan.)

  4. There’s room at the table for everyone.

    From the previous lesson learned, I had to swallow a mouthful of pride and let someone else take a turn in the spotlight.

  5. Alabaster offering

    Journeying through the New Testament Gospels, I had never realized until recently that Mary, the brother of Lazarus, was the same one who anointed Jesus with alabaster oil, wiping his feet with her hair (John 12).

  6. Gryffindor

    I’ve often wondered in which Harry Potter house I would live, so after three random online quizzes, plus the official one from Pottermore, all said the same thing:
    Oh to live up to the characteristics of being brave, courageous, chivalrous, daring, and bold!


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