Weekly Reader

The title of this blog post series pays homage to the beloved childhood informational news bulletin, Weekly Reader, as I highlight favorite finds from around the web.

Libraries & Literacy

Moving forward together by Julie B. Todaro, American Library Association (ALA) President (American Libraries – Jan/Feb. 2017)

On the importance of libraries serving our patrons,
We must continue to be inclusive beacons for meaningful and equitable public discourse, push for social justice, champion intellectual freedom, fight for equitable access to resources and services for our constituents, protect privacy, commit to diversity, and strive to ensure that we help build and sustain a literate constituency.

How data and information literacy could end fake news by Kalev Leetaru (Forbes – December 11, 2016)

Today we have access to all the world’s information, yet we take no advantage of that information to be more informed citizens of the world.

Through a series of tests, the authors found that at every level of education, from middle school to high school to college students, digital natives found themselves unable to perform even the most basic of tasks of recognizing a news article from a paid advertisement or recognizing an editorial from hard news reporting.  (Emphasis mine.)

Instead, to truly solve the issue of “fake news” we must blend technological assistance with teaching our citizens to be data literate consumers of the world around them.  

Yes, this is my role as a librarian!!!

Ghostwriter: The Most Literary 90’s Kids Show by Nick Ripatrazone (The Atlantic – August 4, 2016)
I loved this show on PBS! Maybe you did too!


Epiphany: In celebration of the journey by Ruth Haley Barton for Transforming Center
Moving beyond advent to being obedient where God is leading me – yes and amen.


National park honoring Underground Railroad heroine Harriet Tubman made official by Nicole Gaudiano (USA Today – January 10, 2017)
Wouldn’t this be a neat place to visit?

Social Justice

A new type of food pantry is sprouting in yards across America by Deborah Shaar (NPR – January 11, 2017)
Look out Little Free Libraries, neighborhood food pantries are joining you!


What encouraging, insightful, or fun information have you read this week?

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