Knit: February 2017

FO (Finished Object)



Pattern: Void shawl
Pay for pattern by: Melanie Berg
Needles: US 7 and US 8
Yarn: Quince & Co. Lark, Chantrelle (6 skeins)
Weight: 29 g.
Recipient: I’m keeping this one!

February was a fairly monogamous knitting month for me, and while I only succeeded in finishing one project this month, it’s a big one and I’m proud!

Even though I’ve been knitting over 10 years now, projects like this one remind me of the life-lessons knitting teaches me: patience, perseverance, knowing when to exert a little more effort, and when to take a break and come back later with a refreshed perspective.

There were at least two starts/stops/rip-outs/start overs, but eventually my brain connected with the pattern and am glad I saw this shawl through to completion. While it’s been unseasonably warm at the end of February, we still have had a few colder days, so I’ve already gotten some wear out of it!

And as I shared last month, my inspiration and motivation was one knitted with the same colorway of Quince & Co. by the beautiful Katie of the Inside Number 23 podcast.

The project bag is the toffee colored Field Bag by Fringe Supply Co.

WIPs (Works in Progress)


Pattern: Find Your Fade
Pay for pattern by: Andrea Mowry
Needles: US 4
Yarn: Hedgehog Fibres Sock (Pollen, Fools Gold, Bramble, Salty Tales, Pheasant, Dragonfly, Bali)
Recipient: I’m keeping this one, too!

I’ve seen so many knitters “find their fade” throughout January and February via YouTube channels, Ravelry, and Instagram. They have all been so colorful and creative, and when I heard garter stitch (knit) was used to comprise much of this shawl, it tipped the scales for me to buy the pattern and buy the yarn. I loved brainstorming what colors would fade well together, based upon colors in my wardrobe and I’m thrilled with my selection! As the month ends, I’m in Section 4 working with color B (Fools Gold). This will be the perfect accompaniment during our Spring Break road trip!

Pattern: Granny Stripes
Cost: Free!
Hook: Size E
Yarn: various sock/sport weight bits & pieces
Recipient: I’m keeping this one, too!

Between finishing the Void and beginning to find my fade, the granny stripe afghan hasn’t received much attention, but it’s still beautiful to behold!

As shared in January, after seeing granny stripe crochet blankets being made on YouTube channels like YarnGasm, the Yarn Hoarder, and LegacyKnitz, I was inspired to pick up a crochet hook after a long time and have been completely fine in “designing” my one-of-a-kind blanket without a firm plan about yarn colors or amounts. This will probably be a WIP for the indefinite future, which is fine, and now that I am finding my fade, I’ll have seven more colors of sock yarn left over to add!

For all you knitters, crocheters, and crafters out there, I hope your creative endeavors  have been filled with learning and joy throughout February!


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