Weekly Reader

The title of this blog post series pays homage to the beloved childhood informational news bulletin, Weekly Reader, as I highlight favorite finds from around the web.


Dreamer yarn bomb in Tuscon (RedHeart – February 8, 2017)
Yarn bomber and designer Stephen Duneier decorates Tuscon’s children’s hospital.


Kate McKinnon Will Voice Ms. Frizzle in Netflix’s “Magic School Bus” Reboot by Cole Delbyck (Huffington Post – February 8, 2017)
Just about anything Kate McKinnon does makes me laugh out loud, and while I was a little too old for the original Magic School Bus series years ago, I may not be too old to appreciate this new version!


Solmization from Encyclopaedia Britannica (accessed April 17, 2017)
In a recent conversation with a music-appreciating colleague, she asked me, “Do you know the history of where do, re, mi comes from?” As many years as I’ve studied music and solfege, I never knew where the actual syllables came from, but now I do!


8 Things Whole-Hearted Creative Women Do Differently by Emily P. Freeman (March 22, 2017, blog post)
I’ve read this quietly, read this aloud, printed a copy for myself to read at work, and sent a copy to a friend. Resounding YES.

The Blessing in the Ashes by Katie Leigh (April 3, 2017, blog post)
When searching for Holy Week blog posts in WordPress, I came across Katie’s beautifully written entry about Lent with a parallel to Harry Potter. I’ve now subscribed to her blog and can’t get enough of her writing about spiritual practices in every day life.


What encouraging, insightful, or fun information have you read this week?



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