Summer Vacation Drawstring Activity Bags

A few years ago the Optometrist and I met up with out of state friends who were passing through the area en route to Texas for a summer beach vacation, which I discussed in this blog post. I enjoyed making little drawstring backpacks for their three young girls, wherein I tucked activity pads for good measure.

This week our 7 year old nephew and 4 year old niece are journeying with their parents to their first beach vacation in South Carolina.

I’m still a super-duper novice seamstress, but I’m gaining confidence in using my Singer Classic sewing machine and sewing in (somewhat of) a straight line.  The most time consuming, thus frustrating, part of a project is cutting out fabric to uniform, consistent sizes. I think it’s time I invest in a larger cutting mat and sharper rotary cutting tool…

I used this helpful YouTube video from the Crafti Gemini called “How to Make a T-Shirt Drawstring Backpack for Kids” in her London 2012 Olympics series as my inspiration, but used stiffer material rather than jersey cotton.


Our niece loves My Little Pony, so I was excited I still had some leftover material to create hers. I omitted adding initials on the outside like I did before, but followed the 12.5″ size dimensions described in the tutorial, lined it with white muslin for a little extra stability, and added a little sewn pocket to the inside lining.

Meanwhile, her big brother just finished 1st grade, so he needed something more “grown up.” When at Walmart (the only option for purchasing fabric in our town), we saw lots of options our nephew would have liked: Star Wars, Batman, etc., but opted for the slightly faded Marvel comicbook fabric. His is closer to 15″ (it’s wider than it is tall, but I didn’t take exact final measurements), also reinforced with white muslin, and a internal pocket on which I stitched his initials. Once I added this small element, it inspired me to give more attention to other details, so I was very pleased with the end result and hope it will be sturdy for him to enjoy!

Inside each are a little surprise – a coloring postcard for Sweet Pea and Star Wars: The Force Awakens stickers for Little Dude.

Because, after all, what are aunts good for if not to send a care package for little ones to collect beach vacation treasures in drawstring activity bags?


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