Knit: Fall & Christmas 2017

At the start of fall I mentioned I was on a knitting hiatus due to what I believe was a repetitive injury strain on my left-hand pinkie.

During this time of rest one creative measure I pursued was revisiting some beloved hand knits made over the past two years and entered them in the county fair.

Wonder of wonder, miracle of miracles, among all the knitters and crocheters (both share the same category) who also entered hand-crafted works of art, I won blue ribbons in the hat category and miscellaneous category (that was most surprising – compared to all the other items in this catch-all group), and a red ribbon in the gloves/mittens category!

Another fall goal was to sew pillows for The Optometrist’s academic office. These red chairs are ones he inherited (and loves) but they needed a fun contrast color. He picked out this blue material with white shapes and lines (looks very scientific or architectural – perfect for him) when we visited Quilts & Quilts in Branson, MO, over Spring Break. I bought two pillow forms and invisible zippers from Michael’s and after using this Hobby Lobby tutorial, I was very pleased (as was he) with the end result!

In other attempts to not chew off my arm since I couldn’t knit, I also had a reminder of how to cross-stitch from my talented mother-in-law.


And then finally! In about late October, the twinges in my pinkie began to subside for longer stretches of time and I hesitantly began knitting again. Hal-le-lu-jah!

Since I have alternated in knitting hats for Christmas presents, plus a pair of socks for myself.

Pattern: Vanilla Socks with a Fish Lips Kiss Heel (pay for pattern on Ravelry)
Needles: US 1, 40″ circular Signature Needle Arts fixed circular needles
Yarn: Chaos Theory Fiber Arts in the Christmas Chaos colorway
Recipient: for me!

Using the Turkish cast on method, I cast on 10 sts and increased to 56 sts. Knitting these two-at-a-time, toe up, using a Magic Loop. The feet are knit plain/vanilla, Fish Lips Kiss Heel, the leg is all knit, a 2×2 rib for about 1 1/2 inches at the top, then used Jeny’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bind Off.

While I’m not quite back to 100% strength (probably about 94% most days), I’ve begun paying more attention to how my hands feel and if they are sore at the end of a long day of typing, I give them a rest in the evening. But the knowledge that I’m knitting (and playing piano) fairly consistently again is such a gift for me to not only create but engage in a bit of self-care at the same time.

Favorite knitting:


Pattern: Find Your Fade
Pay for pattern by: Andrea Mowry
Needles: US 4, 60″ circular ChaioGoo Lace fixed circular needles
Yarn: Hedgehog Fibres Sock – Pollen, Fools Gold, Bramble, Salty Tales, Pheasant, Dragonfly, Bali
Recipient: I’m keeping this one!

Finished in May when it was really too hot to wear this, it was such a soothing pattern and I’ve enjoyed having it in my wardrobe this fall and winter!

Total knits: 26

Baby booties: 4 pair     Hats: 10     Puppets: 1     Shawls: 3     Dishcloths: 3     Toys: 1     Socks: 2 pair     Fingerless mittens: 1 pair     Ear warmers: 1

2018 knitting goals:

  • Sweater – Since I had a bit of a setback with some pain in my left pinkie finger this fall, my goal of knitting an adult sweater when the weather turned cooler was put on the back burner. I’m determined to see this happen this year! I have a sweater’s quantity of fingering weight yarn and am considering the Hitofude Cardigan in Bare Naked Wools Better Breakfast Fingering in Mocha. And I would also like to consider the Coeur d’Alene sweater as a worsted weight alternative.
  • Heel – I’ve only knitted socks with either an afterthought heel or the Fish Lips Kiss Heel and am anxious to try a different kind of short row heel. Any suggestions?
  • Christmas ornaments – This was the first year in 8 years of living in Oklahoma that I didn’t make Christmas ornaments, because of my sore finger. Still in my Ravelry queue is the Bluebird of Happiness, which I can knit with leftover Hedgehog Fibers Bali from my Fade.
  • Advent calendar – I’ve seen lots of folks on Instagram or Vlogmas videos talking about yarn advent calendars. This seems like a fun way to add some beautiful yarn to my Granny Stripe Afghan!

If you’re a knitter or crocheter, what have been your favorite projects this year? What are you excited to make in 2018?


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